Part time Job for Full-time Pay

You know, many people in the state where I live – Lousyana to be exact – had high hopes when our newest governor was elected. His mantra was reform. Bring a change to the way state business is run. But as the way things go in politics – here and throughout the country – politicians say whatever they have to in order to be elected, then they do what they want to do.

Case in point: the House and Senate of the State of Louisiana have voted themselves a pay-raise. Our governor decided against vetoing that wonderful measure.

I cannot, for the life of me, fathom what makes these idiots believe they deserve a pay-raise. While all the rest of the state, yes even the country, is struggling to make ends meet in this time of economic DECLINE, let’s vote ourselves a pay-raise. I mean, y’know, we work so hard at this part-time job of ours. We have endless meetings to attend. And while we don’t have to pay for our own cars or our gas or even our food at these meetings, we deserve a pay-raise.

Well I want a job like that!!

Politicians today are so very out of touch with reality and their voters. And sadly, they’re stupid enough to believe no one will remember this HUGE faux pas. Especially after they all ignored calls and emails from angry citizens. Yet they claim to want to represent us….?