Memorial Day

I don’t always feel compelled to write anything anywhere about today and what it stands for, but for some reason I did on my history forum. I decided to plagiarise myself and post the same here…

For all those who have given their lives for the safety and security of this country, we salute you and say thanks.

But is thanks really enough?

It takes a special breed of human being to enter the military for any country, not just the United States. So often it’s the younger men and women who make such a mature, life-altering decision to fight for people who never know them personally and may only know them by a name etched in granite. They enter a world where their lives could end before they have a chance to grow old and grey. How many of us could say that we would fight for others? Perhaps we would for our families or friends. Maybe even stretch it out to say that we’d step up and defend acquaintances. But if you saw a stranger being attacked, would you help? I daresay the majority of us would look the other way. In fact, I think we do, more often than not. Even when we might not be able to physically defend someone, we don’t come to their aid in other ways to help bring justice.

While I don’t agree with the war being fought in the Middle East, I do hold the military in the highest regard and respect them for doing what I could never do.

This country survives not because of the politicians who sit on their collective asses every day but because of those who are actively protecting what this country stands for.