A Mudbug Weekend!

Okay first of all… let me clarify that what we eat here in Louisiana are CRAWfish… not CRAYfish. I have no idea what CRAYfish are. Maybe they’re a Yankee hybrid of CRAWfish. I dunno.

This was a very busy weekend. Busier than I’d anticipated.

Friday was a typical day off… I ferried India across the river to pick up some toys to take with her when she returns home to India later this month. The group she is going with is doing some charity work while over there and they want to donate toys, so India has been collecting toys advertised on FreeCycle.

Saturday I had a super busy morning. I had told T1’s wife that I’d bring a cake to the company crawfish boil Saturday afternoon, so I had to leap out of bed at 7.30 to run to the supermarket and buy the ingredients. Then I came home and took care of mopping the house as I usually do on Saturdays. I took my brother to work at 11 then came home and baked the cake. By 1:30-ish I was out the door and on my way to pick up India.

Somehow we managed to be the first to arrive at the company party, despite taking the scenic route. Rather than arriving 5-10 minutes late, as I’d hoped to do, we arrived 5 minutes early. *slaps forehead* So we were the first to get a grand tour of their new home. They lost the other two after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It’s a lovely home and I discovered that you can have a house entirely blue inside and it won’t look bad.

Well, everyone after us was late. Insanely late in the case of Big Daddy and his wife. They were 2 hours late. And we sat around drinking and munching on chips while we waited. On the way home, India said she wouldn’t have waited and I agree. I mean they didn’t even bother calling to say they were going to be late. They were totally wishy-washy about whether or not they were even going to be there. When we first decided to have the party, Big Daddy said they’d be there. Then at the beginning of last week when T1 provided directions to his house, Big Daddy said they weren’t going. I figured it was a pouty moment since T1 was all over Big D’s ass the moment he walked in to the office last Monday. Thursday, as he was leaving for the day, he says to me, “I’ll see you Saturday.” So I figured he’d gotten over his pouty moment of the previous Monday. Imagine my surprise, then, when his wife says, “We didn’t even know we were coming until 2 hours ago!” WHAT?

Anyway… JJ was the only one not there. We had loads of laughs. I question some of the conversation had, but alcohol does loosen the tongue. I even managed to teach India how to peel and eat crawfish! *bows* And because we were the first to arrive and arrive on time, we felt no remorse at bowing out of the game at 7.

For Mother’s Day, we elected to go to my cousin’s house as they were doing another crawfish boil as my aunt and uncle were in town for Mother’s Day. The weather was fine. Breezy, in fact, as it had been Saturday. I didn’t have as many crawfish, though, because they decided to just pour them out on the small table on the patio and let everyone squish around it. This is normally fine and dandy, but my cousin invited her neighbours and they allowed their kids to sit right in front of the crawfish. I’m sorry. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if your kids can eat crawfish. They shouldn’t have been allowed to sit at the table. Because they had a prime spot, I was shoved down to the opposite end of the table where all of the extra crap – corn and potatoes and crackers – were stationed and I had to stand up every time I wanted any crawfish. Needless to say, after a short while I called it quits and went inside to read and munch on chips and dip.

I went back outside just before the neighbour and her family left, just in time to hear her announce that her ‘tummy wasn’t right.’ Thanks for sharing. So I spent the rest of the day alternating between inside and outside; talking with my cousin and aunt or watching various films on tv. Later EB and my aunt went next door to the neighbour’s for their My Coke Rewards points. Once we were all home again, EB informed us that the neighbour had been sick in her garden. Apparently eating crawfish does that to her all the time. Yet she continues to eat them. Why I haven’t a clue.

So that was my weekend. And now I’m off to nurse my left thumb. It hurts from peeling crawfish. 😦