Oh the conversations I have…

So it’s been a while since I’ve shared any lovely conversations I’ve had with friends on here… Here’s one to make up for it:

Me: you’re there
Bunz: herro yes just got back
Me: how’s buddy? (her dog)
Bunz: lil happier
Bunz: they cleaned his bum bum
Bunz: shes like “whoaa they are full”
Bunz: LOL
Me: mmhhmm (I’d told her a few days ago that his anal glands were full when she mentioned he was dragging his bum over the carpet)
Bunz: so on the 16th, we bring him back and shes gonna do it again and give him all his shots
Bunz: 55 dollars today
Bunz: to weigh him and put her fingers up the poop shoot
Me: she put her fingers up in there???!!!
Bunz: yeah how else was she gonna empty his anal glands
Bunz: with gloves
Me: squeeze them on the side of the hole…………………….
Bunz: well she had to check to see if they were full i guess
Me: they’re two glands you can feel under the skin
Bunz: i duno buddy’s butt hole is different lol
Bunz: im sure she did it for a reason
Me: well if she likes fishing…
Bunz: no kidding lol
Me: were you in there?
Bunz: yeah the boyfriend came in too
Bunz: i had to hold him so he would stay up
Bunz: but he didnt even move
Bunz: didnt even pass him that someones finger was in his butt hole
Bunz: kinda scares me
Me: god