Showing Your ASS CRACK is a First Amendment Right!

Okay maybe I’m going to extremes, here, but little boys walking around with the crotch of their pants hovering just above their ankles like convicts aren’t much better to look at than your stereotypical over-weight plumber who shows the crack of his ass every time he bends over to look under your sink.

In yet another stroke of sheer genius, unmatched by politicians in any other state, the elected officials of the Great State of Lousyana blocked legislation that would prevent teenaged boys from wearing their pants with the crotch down around their knees. Because some intelligent politicians are concerned that the law would infringe on these kids’ right to free speech.

And what are they trying to say when they express themselves by wearing their pants in this manner? ‘Hey I wanna be just like a convict when I grow up?’ Makes sense to me.

Before long, they’ll see the spray painted graffiti as freedom of expression, too.