Bail Out

Where has all the common sense gone in this country??

If you’re in the market to buy a house and you’re made an offer that’s too good to be true, it usually is!! If you’re not sure about how things work at all, ask for help. Ask for advice. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

But no, no one took one second to think ‘Hey this loan offer sounds a little too good to be true. Maybe we should look elsewhere.’ They just scooped up the loan and ran with it and now expect the US government (read that as US tax payers) to bail them out. Why?

I will freely admit that I’m a 36-year old woman who has made some financial mistakes in my life and you know what? No one has helped me sort through my debt. No one. Not my family and certainly not the government.

So what makes those people, who were seemingly scammed by unscrupulous loan officers, so special? Why do they get financial relief when they fuck up, but not me? The only difference between our situations is the origins of our debt.

In the end, it’s the US taxpayers – the majority of whom aren’t the ones making bad financial decisions – who are going to bail out the others. People like me. Who don’t even make enough money to afford their own housing, yet are smart enough not to take a loan for something they’ll never pay. And people like you. Who would rather spend their hard earned money in other ways.

People always bitch an moan about the government raising taxes, but how else are they supposed to find the money to bail out jackasses with no common sense? Pull it out their collective asses? There’s no room up there when something’s blocking passage….