Things that Drive You Insane

One thing I hate for someone to do is tell me they need to talk to me, but then they leave. This happened this morning with my friend D. She came online and said she needed to talk to me later. I hate when someone does that because my mind always leaps to the awful conclusion. My mind instantly races, wondering what it is I’ve done wrong. So I asked if everything was okay. She said no. And here again I go into panic over-drive but nonchalantly ask, “What’s up?” Then I find out my fretting is all for naught. She received some bad news. Probably needs a shoulder to cry on, which I’m happy to provide to any of my friends.

But why do I do this? Or for that matter, why do any of us do that? Why do we jump to conclusions before we know what’s what? It drives me nuts that I do this, yet I don’t stop myself from doing it.

I mean I know D was merely trying to make sure I will be available when she returns from visiting her mum, but still… it annoys me. I’m always thinking, If you need to talk to me, just talk. Don’t warn me it’s going to happen later.