Today sucks.

Yesterday sucked as well. Right about the time I picked up the day’s post and discovered a piece for me from the UK. I knew what was inside even before I opened it.

‘Thank you very much for attending an interview for the above course. [PGCE – English with Drama & Media] Unfortunately, on this occasion we have not been able to offer you a place on this programme.’

Even though I knew it was a rejection, it still hurts.

Why? Mostly because it was my last option for being able to realise my dream of wanting to live in the UK.

They only want smart people there.

People with an MBA or at least higher than a bachelor’s degree. People who can make money.

They don’t want people who can speak English. Only Eastern Europeans and the rest of the European Union will do for them.

So that dream has died.

And I’m tired of trying to do the things I want most in life because clearly life isn’t about doing what you dream of doing. It’s only about existing.