Me Again

No, I’m sorry. I can’t handle this day without bitching about what’s going on at work.

It’s Brownie. She’s driving me up the wall, across the ceiling and down the other.

I don’t like the girl. Period. Nothing on this good Earth is going to change that. Nothing.

So a few days ago the dumbass decides to order Adobe PhotoShop. Don’t know whose idea that was, but she ordered it. It arrived yesterday. It’s the wrong version. She ordered PhotoShop for Mac instead of PC. I don’t know how an idiot like her could buy something and not read everything on the site to make sure it’s what she wanted. But she did. This morning she asks that I figure out if we can return it and order the correct item. Sure, no problem.

I go to my desk and look up the website she ordered from. IT’S NOT EVEN A FUCKING COMPUTER SITE!!! It wasn’t BestBuy, or Circuit City, or CompUSA or even CDW!!! I don’t know how the HELL she found this site for it, but she did. I didn’t think a return or exchange would be possible. Turns out that was a non-issue since Thing 2 decided he’d just pass it on to his son. He probably doesn’t have a clue whether his son uses a Mac or a PC.

I looked at the website for CDW and rang them to see exactly which version I needed because there are a bazillion things on their site. So I learned that I needed Adobe PhotoShop CS3. While the girl on the phone was getting pricing for me, I looked at the Adobe website and learned that Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended is ideal for architects and engineers, of which we are one. So I got the pricing and I tell Big D what I learned and asked if he thought we could buy the one box of the program ($999) rather than the multi-license version at $955 per license, and just install the program on the server.

Of course, as usual, Brownie needs to know everything that’s going on, so a short while later, she comes up to my desk acting like I have no fucking clue what I’m doing around a computer and tells me what’s what. It took all of the self-control I have not to tell her off!! I realise I have limitations when it comes to my knowledge of computers, but I have a source of knowledge that I trust implicitly when it comes to all matters computer related. When I learn something new from her, I tend to retain that knowledge. While I don’t know a LOT, I do know more than my fair share and I do not appreciate some little kiss ass dipshit acting like she knows more than me when I know for a fact she doesn’t. Ugh. It pisses me off completely.

Then, I had to run an errand at lunch which meant that I had cold pizza that India and I got together. I’m sitting here at my desk and she comes up here and asks to borrow a pen. I set it in front of her without talking (never mind that it was because I had a mouthful of food) and when she started asking about my impending trip, I merely made affirmative or negative noises in response. She finally asked, “Are you mad at me?” While that may be the understatement of the year, I retorted, “No, I am eating!” She acknowledged that and apologised and left.

People who think everyone should like them bother me.