Okay so my birthday is in 10 days (and if you notice the countdown for my trip is fewer days which means I’m off to England for my birthday!) and apparently India has been wondering what to get me for my birthday.

Tonight we were naughty and skipped the workout and found ourselves at Borders Books and Music. We wandered around the place for a bit, chatting away about our families and found our way up to the humour section. Right near it was a big display of games. One particular game caught my eye and I jokingly said, “Oh here’s what you can get me for my birthday!” We moved on to the humour books and had a few good laughs over what is being published in that genre. I finally asked if she was ready to go and I headed for the stairs. When I realised she wasn’t with me, I turned around to find her holding the game in her hands. Joking again, I said, “You cannot steal that India!!!” To which she replied, “I’m getting you this for your birthday! I’ve been wondering what to get you and this is absolutely you!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

This is a photo of the game…