Letting the Punishment Fit the Crime

Well here we are two days into 2008 and I’m here with my first post of the brand new year. What I’ve thought about posting all day, today, I won’t post, because, it’s… well… I know what everyone would say about it, so there’s no use wasting my time when it doesn’t matter.

Right, so I’m going to post about a topic which I’ve discussed recently with at least two of my friends.

We all know how over-crowded most of the prisons are in the US, so it begs the question of why we punish certain crimes by chucking someone in prison for the rest of us (including the victim) to pay for while he/she sits on their lazy, unproductive asses for the duration of their sentence.

One friend and I were discussing identity theft and I thought of the perfect solution. In addition to paying back the sum stolen from the victim, the criminal should have his or her own identity stripped from them and only referred to by a number. And allow them zero credit and nothing for banking/savings. Make them pay everything by cash only.

Today I thought of another solution. My friend Peggy emailed me about some assinine teenagers who broke into the Robert Frost homesite museum in Vermont. They totally wrecked the place leaving puke and bear bottles and drug paraphernalia all over the place. I told Peggy what the authorities should do, but probably won’t do, if the kids are ever discovered, is round them all up and have them work to preserve the house to its original state before they decided to get stupid. They could work side-by-side with the professionals to clean the house and restore all furniture within. And if any of the idiots actually participate in after-school activities (though that’s a bit of a stretch to imagine) they should be forced to give them up until the house is restored.

Simple solutions to simple problems.