This weekend, I was back at my cousin’s dog sitting and on my way home, I was listening to NPR. (Mostly because I couldn’t pick up the radio station I normally listen to…) As I was driving along, I heard something that disturbs me a great deal. If any of you have witnessed this or knows someone who has, please comment on this.

The programme I was listening to is called American Routes and at one point in the show, an author came on and briefly discussed what life is like ‘on the road’ as an autor going from book signing to book signing. It’s not clear how, exactly, he got onto this subject. I think it might’ve been just a random conversation with a woman somewhere in the northeast, but it became significant enough that he somehow worked it into his ‘talks’ at many locations on his tour(s).

The topic of his discussion with this woman was people – more often than not adults – who defecate in public. I’m not talking about using a public toilet. I’m talking about dropping their trousers in a dressing room where others are trying on clothes. Or in the middle of a circular rack of clothes. It happens everywhere, apparently, from Target to Sears and every store in between. There is no excuse for this. We live in a civilised society. Public toilets are everywhere. If you cannot control yourself, see a doctor. The rest of us – who know how to use a toilet – should not have to suffer from whatever mental problem you have that prevents you from using the toilet. If you can’t act civilised, then go back to the forest and live with the animals because that’s how they act!

Do any of you work for or knows someone who works for a store where this has occurred? Please share your story…