Good Deed Done

Okay, let it be known now, that I have done my good deed for the holiday season, despite my wishes.

Whilst working at the concierge desk, this woman approaches, presumably to have her parking ticket validated. She starts rummaging through her handbag and can’t find it. She unloads her entire wallet on the counter, still to no avail. She pushes aside while I help other shoppers and then informs me that she cannot find her ticket and doesn’t want to pay for a full day of shopping when she’s been there only a few hours. “It’s $40 for a lost ticket,” I inform her.

“Forty? I’m not paying $40 to get my car.” She continues her search. Finally, she says, “Well, I’ll just go to the entrance gates and get the machine to spit out a new ticket.” With that, she walks off.

I’ve been in her position before and just sucked it up and paid the $40. I wasn’t happy about it but I did it. When she was sufficiently gone, I rang the security office and asked if they had cameras trained on the entrance gates to the garage. They have them all over the garage, but not there. I explained to the officer the woman’s intentions, but there was nothing they could do.

Roughly an hour later, she returns and hands me a receipt from her lunch showing the time to be just a few minutes shy of 3 pm. She asks if I can validate that and I said that I couldn’t guarantee the garage would accept it. She then asked if I had extra tickets. I told her I work for the shopping centre, not the garage. Finally she asked if I would please call them and explain her situation.

“I can’t afford $40.” That statement is what really got me. Remember I said she unloaded her wallet on the counter? Well there was a fistful of cash and two of the bills where $100. She could most definitely afford the $40. She just didn’t want to pay for her mistake.

Despite my mental pleadings to the contrary, the woman in the garage agreed to accept the receipt as proof of the length of time she’d been there.

So happy holidays to all the liars out there.