College vs No College

After feeling like I wasted 5 years of my life earning a Bachelor of Arts in English, I believe I can make judgments about this topic.

Today as I was driving home from work listening to NPR as I do, I heard part of a speech by one of the Republican candidates, Mike Huckabee, for next year’s election. In this particular part of his speech he was extolling higher education. He believes more of our youth need to attend college in order to make more money so taxes will be paid and more money will be put into the economy. Only the best paying jobs can be had by those who attend college.

Wrong Mr Huckabee.

My best friend who is younger than I has no college degree yet has had a better paying job for longer than I have. This job I currently have is the best paying job I’ve had since college and it’s still not enough for me to live on my own. But I have a degree and she doesn’t. She’s just as smart as I am… no she’s smarter.

But aside from this personal comparison, what about mechanics who work on your car? Anyone who owns a car or has owned one knows the astronomical cost of having it repaired. More than half of that cost is paying the mechanic. Have anything repaired in your home? Plumbing? Electrical? None of the guys who do that work are hurting for money. Nor do they need a college education to do what they do. Yes, the good ones will get some kind of education and some will be required to have some sort of certification, but it’s nowhere near a college education. Let’s not forget the professional sports players who make millions of dollars yearly and more often than not, drop out of college to play professionally. Again, no college education needed to do what they do.

It’s not that more of our youth need to attend college in order to get better paying jobs, it’s that we as a country need to adjust our attitude about working. Parents need to be a good influence on their children and teach them the value of hard work rather than giving them everything the second they ask for it.

You don’t even need a college education to work on computers. All you need are a few certifications which cost a fraction of what college does and half the time to get them.

Wake up and smell reality Mr Huckabee.

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