This is very much a WTF kind of thing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the story, on October 16, 2006, Megan Meiers, aged 13, committed suicide after the boy she was interested in and had met through MySpace turned against her overnight and was cruel where he’d been nice.

While this in and of itself disturbing, what I find more disturbing and quite deserving of a huge WTF, is that six weeks after Megan’s death, her parents learned that the boy their daughter was interested in was fake. The boy was actually the mother of a girl who lived down the street. Apparently Megan and this other girl had been friends, but there was a falling out. The mother invented 16-year old Josh in order to gain Megan’s confidence and learn what Megan was saying online about her daughter.

First of all, unless your child is being physically harmed or harassed, stay the hell out of their differences with friends. While the story I read online states the girls had a falling out, it doesn’t say it was a huge knock down fight. To me a falling out is just a disagreement. Something we all experience and all have to learn how to deal with.

Second, if you feel the need to go to extreme measures and meddle in your child’s life in such a manner as to do something as underhanded as this, why create a male profile? The woman could’ve easily created a young female and gained Megan’s confidence as a neutral party. Creating a young male persona tells me she had the cruelest of intentions in mind from the start.

Megan’s parents don’t want to name the family because of their daughter. I think they should. They aren’t being held responsible for anything. They haven’t ever apologised. The only thing they could possibly suffer is a little humiliation. But maybe that humiliation will prevent them from doing it again to someone else.

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