Fitting In… in the UK

I have, as my status message on Yahoo, ‘Find me the nearest asylum and book me a room, please.’ With that in mind, the following conversation ensues between my friend Jean and I…

Jean: they closed it
Me: who?
Jean: the health authority, it’s all care in the community in the UK these days
Me: what did they close?
Jean: the looney bins
Me: *insert Yahoo’s rofl smiley here*
Me: now the community is going to take care of me?
Me: oh boy
Me: that should be fun
Jean: it means you can go around doing weird stuff and no one bats an eyelid
Jean: like the chappie with Tourette’s goes around verbally abusing anyone who is in his line of sight
Jean: he was generally having a go at people in The Works one day, for browsing
Jean: then he swore at Sam
Jean another day
Me: eek
Jean: there are some “characters” that are being taken care of in the community

I think I shall fit right in when I move over there! LOL

Btw… if you’re looking for today’s HNT, it’s the next post down…

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