Guess What! Ringing Phone = Incoming Call

Yesterday, India and I went to the local air show. It’s been years since I’ve been and since it’s free, I asked if she wanted to go. She agreed and away we went.

Parking out there is a bitch, and as we were trekking along (at least a mile or more to the gate) someone just behind us had a phone start ringing. It would ring and then a digital voice said, ‘Incoming call.’ Pardon my ignorance, but I thought the whole purpose of a ringing phone was to tell you there’s an incoming call. Having that phrase uttered in between rings seems a little redundant to me.

Anyway, we got to the air field and spent a nice couple of hours watching stunt flyers, paratroopers and the US Air Force’s Thunderbirds . I am always happy to see when women are part of such an elite group and two of the six aircraft this year are piloted by women: Major Nicole Malachowski, Right Wing, No. 3 jet and Major Samantha Weeks, Opposing Solo, No. 6 jet.

I got plenty of sun and wind (it was quite windy and we were facing into the wind). I will hopefully remember to share one photo of my burnt skin on Thursday with HNT. I opted not to take my camera as my dad went on Saturday and he’s got a much better camera than I do. So as soon as I have copies of them, I will share some.

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