Buying Friendship

What do you do when you feel someone is trying to buy your friendship? I’m really a non-confrontational type of person, even though I sit here day after day telling people off in my head.

Okay here’s the situation: There’s this girl at work – not sure if I’ve mentioned her before – whom I will call Brownie (actually upon further research, I called her Brown Nose, but for the sake of brevity I will call her Brownie from now on). You’ll soon understand why I’ve given her that nickname. Brownie has been with this company for a while, but took some time off after the birth of her twins. She returned to working here at the beginning of the summer. I met Brownie last Xmas at our company dinner and enjoyed chatting with her, but since she’s come back to work, I realised I really don’t like her. She’s like a favoured child with T1 and I suspect she reports to him the goings on he’s not aware of as he sits in his office most of the day drafting. She tries to be all buddy-buddy with me, but I do not trust her and see it as her being nosey.

There’s a new girl here, India, whom I’ve become friends with and for a while, India and Brownie were at odds with one another. Over the last week or two, it seems they’ve now suddenly switched course and are getting along fairly well. At least enough to the extent that Brownie confided in India her belief that I don’t like her. Rather than come out and say, “Hey, you’re right, she doesn’t like you,” India kindly responded in some vague manner about me being weird like that.

So this morning I arrive at work and find a plastic box of 6 Hallowe’en themed cupcakes on my chair. I know they’re from her without asking. She’s the only one who’d think of doing that and she got here long before me. I have noticed no one else received cupcakes, which makes me see this gesture as her thinking I should be friends with her since she went out of her way to buy me cupcakes. Um, no, that’s not how it works.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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