Gone too Far??

Sometimes I wonder if pet adoption agencies don’t go just a bit overboard with their adoption rules. I mean isn’t the ultimate goal to find a loving, caring home for the animal so it doesn’t wind up dead from over population?

Case in point, the current issue with Ellen DeGeneres and the dog she adopted, but handed over to a friend when the dog didn’t get along with her cats. It’s not like she just took the dog to a park or out in the woods and left it to fend for itself. Or even worse, kept the dog and let the cats mutiliate it. She knows the woman she wanted to give the dog to; knows the family would love and care for the dog. The dog was returned to the agency because they don’t allow adoptions to families with children under 14.

Adoption agencies put so many restrictions on adoptions, it’s no wonder no one wants to adopt a dog or cat. It’s easier to just spend the money and buy a dog rather than get one at a cheap rate and be told what to do with it.