101 Things About Me, Part 38 with some pondering

I love to read. So much so that it borders on an addiction. If I don’t have at least one book to read – even if it’s the slowest reading – I feel unsettled. Really.

One of the things I enjoy reading about most – in fiction form at least – are the Knights Templar. For those of you who may not know who they were (and I know there are some because I encountered one last night) they were the warrior monks who led the Christian side of the Crusades in the 11th – 13th centuries.

The book I’m currently reading, Crusade by Robyn Young, is the second in what is going to be a trilogy of books. It mainly follows the life of a central character, William Campbell, and his life with the Templars. Of course it also deals with other events going on at the same time, but generally speaking, it’s about Will. In this and the first book, Brethren, two groups of Muslims are mentioned which many today will find familiar: Sunni and Shia. Even way back then they were in conflict with one another. As were Muslims and Christians (and Jews).

So my ponderous question is this: If this conflict has been unresolved for the last 7-800 years, what makes George W Bush think that he knows something the rest of us don’t and can resolve this conflict by sending thousands of soldiers to their deaths?