More Work Bitching

Thing 1’s wife was here today. Earlier she came over to my desk and asked if he scares me. It’s not so much that he scares me, but is an abusive, disrespectful asshole. I said yes, anyway, to see where she was going with this. She informed me that he scares her sometimes too (big surprise there!), so I said, “Yes, but you’re his wife and can say something.” She agreed, but insisted his bark is worse than his bite. I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Words can hurt just as much or even more than being physical, but that’s neither here nor there. She went on to say that she’s trying to get him to calm down, chill out or whatever and that I needn’t be scared.

Then his little minion – Ms Brown Nose – came up to my desk and planted herself in my chair whilst I was accepting delivery of a few office supplies I ordered this morning. She informs me that she, “Just has to look at my internet for something.” She opens my email and starts trying to figure out how to fix the problem I mentioned on Saturday as the first thing he was bitching about. I informed her that our IT guy is aware of it and had emailed me stating that he was going to make some changes to my email. That should’ve been her cue to get out of my chair and go back to her own desk, but no. She had to keep meddling with me repeatedly stating that our IT guy was on the job. Finally she got up and left. Moments later I hear her chatting away with Thing 1 about the whole situation. It’s like he’s sending her out to do recon work in the office and report back to him. Clearly he’s incapable of speaking directly to me. My biggest pet peeve is when I know something and am questioned on it by several people.

Later, his wife returns, asking for clarification about an email exchange in which I sent corrected information to someone without letting him in on it. Frankly I didn’t see the need to tell him I’d screwed up one teeny tiny bit. So I explained to her everything and she reported back. What’s wrong with him coming to ask me the same thing??? You can’t tell me it’s to save time when it takes the exact same amount of time to explain to her what he needs to know as it would’ve taken for him to explain to me.

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