Humiliated at Work

Yesterday went from moderately bad to downright horrid. :o(

Let me preface the telling of what T1 said with a little background info.

As previously stated, I work at an architect firm. There are three certified architects within the firm. The others just know how to use CAD. Since the beginning of the summer, they (the three architects) have decided to start taking what are essentially classes offered by various companies to keep their certification up-to-date. It’s really a nice deal as we pay for nothing. When they decided to start doing this, it was decided that I would be the contact person for the firm. I have no problem with this whatsoever. The only thing I asked for was my own email address at the firm so I could keep emails regarding these classes better organised. Otherwise I’d have to dig through all of the emails that come to the main email account trying to find responses from people. So I contacted our IT guy and had one set up. Now I have access to both the main office email as well as my own email account.

Another thing which should be known is that I don’t know much of anything about Outlook beyond the very basic email sending. I do not like Outlook. I do not like Microsoft anything. If I don’t like a program, I’m not going to learn it. It’s just that simple. But we use Outlook at work, so I cope as best I can.

So the first thing T1 bitched about yesterday was the emails I now send out. Because I have simultaneous access to both my inbox and that of the office, it seems that all emails now sent from my computer have my name on them. Even when I enter the office’s email address in the ‘from’ field, it shows up on the recipients computer as being sent from me on behalf of [the company name]. This has been going on since my email was set up about a month ago.

Yesterday he decided to bitch about it. He asked me why I didn’t take it out when I replied to an email which was sent out and to which we’d received a reply and needed to respond to again. I told him I couldn’t change it. “You can’t?” he nastily asked. I could hear in his tone that he really meant, ‘can’t or don’t want to?’ I repeated that I couldn’t and when he asked why, I told him it’s how our IT guy (his son) set things up.

He returned to his office and proceeded to call his son to chew him out about it. I know this because I could hear every word and know that he did a half-ass job of explaining the issue.

I returned to quietly doing my work when he then presented me with a new email to go out. I sent it, printed out and gave him a copy – as I usually do. A short while later, I get it back with one correction in the body of the email itself as well as a note to make the subject line multi-lined. The note looked like this:

Line 1 – ________
Line 2 – __________
Line 3 – _______
Line 4 – ________
Line 5 – _________

That format is what we normally use for letters, not for emails. In email, you get ONE line in which to describe the subject (i.e. the ‘re’ part of a normal letter). You don’t get multiple lines. Period. So I resent the email with the corrections, but I put the ‘re’ in the format he wanted at the top of the email, in the body part before the actual text of the email. And resent it. I printed a copy of that and gave it to T1.

Next thing I know he’s shouting at me, from his office. “Did you send this out?” I replied that I had, to which he replied, “Jesus Christ what the hell is WRONG with you today?” I got up and went to his office where he proceeded to chew me out – at full volume. He wanted me to delete the subject line on the email itself. I told him it cannot be done. I said it could be left blank, but it could not be deleted. Then he disgustedly told me to forget about it, that he’d find someone in the back who could do it.

I’m nothing because I don’t know shit about architecture. I don’t draw. I don’t know AutoCAD, so I’m just a lump of shit on the bottom of his shoe.

I went back to my desk in tears. I hate myself for crying. For letting him get to me.

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