Anniversary Remembrance

Usually the first thing you want to say when an anniversary is being celebrated is, Happy Anniversary. But not in this case. Though I suppose those of us who survived have the right to be happy, today we remember those who didn’t.

On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged both the city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Today we remember those whose lives were lost. Today, there’s still a lot left to be done.

The story I wrote yesterday is based on the way I see what has happened. I wrote the story in such a way as to make it more identifiable to others around the world and around the country. Those two cousins I wrote about are the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Both suffered equal devistation, but while Louisiana still seems to struggle to recover – thanks in large part to parents in the form of the politicians who run this state – Mississippi quietly regrows itself. I’m not saying life is perfect by any means in Mississippi. I know they’re still struggling, but I work in an architect firm and know that rebuilding efforts there are a lot better than they are here.

Two big factors are holding us back here in New Orleans: 1. promised money being very difficult to receive, and 2. people not being able to make up their minds whether or not they are planning to return. There are hundreds of houses just in the area of the city I work, which are abandoned and becoming an eye sore. But none of the owners care.

If you think about it, spend a minute or two of your day in remembrance. And if you want to see what progress has been made, MSN has a good slide show of before, after and now photos.

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