101 Things About Me, Part 33

Okay number 33 is a quirk of mine and is being shared because my friend SEM has been ribbing me about it a lot lately. hmph.

Whenever I am given a gift, I will do all that I can to not use it if it is not going to last long or if a duplicate is not readily available.

Case in point: Last Xmas, a co-worker of mine, who is originally from Argentina, went home for a few weeks and upon his return, gave everyone in the office each a bottle of Merlot from Argentina. I will never drink it because it came from Argentina and I know I’ll never get down there to visit.

In another case, I was recently given a gift of herbs and such blended personally for me to use with incense. I will never use it because it’s such a lovely and personal gift.

The gifts SEM has sent me are items I can use many times over and they’re not likely to disappear and if, by chance, they do, I can replace them. But now she jokes with me about gifts I receive and asks if they will go in the glass cabinet. LOL