101 Things About Me, Part 32

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Though I have lived in other states.

I think now it’s safe to share this tidbit of information about me. I began this blog in April because of a stalking situation which, while not threatening, was unnerving to me. This individual did everything short of crossing the line, which made me very uncomfortable.

But anyway! Enough about that. Yes, I am a true Southern belle, but I am NOT a Cajun. Cajuns live in the southwestern part of the state. New Orleans is in the southeast. It bothers me to no end when television programmes set here make us all sound like we’re Cajuns. We’re not. There’s a new police drama starting this Fall on Fox called K’ville, set here in New Orleans, fictionalising life since Hurricane Katrina. Yes, I did say fictionalising. While it’s true we’re still recovering from the devistation of Katrina, there aren’t idiots wandering the streets carrying AK-47s. At least they haven’t told us on the news and I doubt something like that could or would be kept silent.