Visiting Site Meter

I’ve done this on occasions in the past and it seems I haven’t done it in a while, so I thought I’d take a looky at how some people are finding their way to lil ol’ me. None are very humourous this time, though.

Site meter shows the last 50 or so visits by referral. A good number of them are clicks through the ‘Next blog’ thingy up on the Navbar, which is cool. A slightly smaller number find their way here from my Yahoo profile. One hit was via a search on Google for the article below regarding the woman suing NBC’s programme To Catch a Predator after her brother committed suicide. I was #1 in the search results there. *beams with pride* Apparently I was also somehow found through a search for the Dyson Airblade which I’ve also mentioned previously. Only problem is, I couldn’t find my listing on the search results. *shrugs* And the nicest surprise of all was finding myself listed on another blogger’s blog under her list of Half-Naked Friends. I should start my own list. Of course I keep forgetting to post something lately. The last three Thursdays have come and gone with narry a photo from me. It’s CRS I tell ya!

Anyway, back to fiddle fartin’ around as there’s nothing to do. Ciao!

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