Rodent Militia?

It’s always nice when you read something in the news which is worthy of mention here on my blog, so I don’t come off looking like I’m clueless about what’s happening in the world. However, it’s an exceptional bonus when what I discover is humorous. *grins*

So I pop over to MSN to scan the news when I notice this curious link: ‘Iranian police arrest 14 squirrels on spying charges’. Yep, you read correctly. So, of course I cannot resist clicking the link…

You can tell that Iran is feeling a little beleaguered these days when there are reports that Tehran may be under attack from rodents!

That is what the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported this week, that police had, ahem, “arrested” 14 squirrels on charges of espionage.

The rodents were found near the Iranian border, allegedly equipped with eavesdropping devices, according to IRNA.

I shared this story with my friend Jean, to which she promptly replied… “That is why all the red squirrels live out near the Formby sand dunes..desert training!”

I told her she was as mad as the Iranians reporting the espionage. Only when I went back to the article and read further in the article, I found this:

The reaction to the report on Tehran’s streets was varied – from disbelief to assigning guilt for the alleged infraction.

“No, I had not heard about this, but it does not surprise me, foreign countries are always meddling in Iran,” said Hassan Mohmmadi, a fast-food vendor.

Mohammadi asked me if I knew where the squirrels were from, and I told him that I didn’t know. Then he came to his own conclusions. “I bet they were British squirrels, they are the most cunning,” he replied.

I couldn’t help but giggle my fool head off. Jean was right!!!

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