What a Weekend!

Friday was spent getting to the bottom of our Internet issues. I was up til 11 or so Thursday night trying to sort out where the problem lay, only to discover the wireless router wasn’t giving off a wireless signal at all. Yay. So I call Netgear. Nothing they can do cos it’s out of warranty. Yay again. BUT! The non-EFL customer service representative informed me that I could always email tech support to receive step-by-step instructions on how to refresh the settings on the router. So Friday morning I get up and pop over to the library to use their Internet capable computers. I checked my email and reported my issue to Netgear.

After leaving the library, I then went over to BestBuy to price wireless routers, in the event I’d have to purchase a new one. I spoke with a sales girl there and she told me that she’d experienced the same thing… after about a year and a half of use, her Netgear wireless router stopped giving off a signal. She got fed up of trying to figure out what the problem was so she bought a new one. I didn’t have any faith in Netgear’s response, so I started looking in earnest. I wound up getting one from Walmart for about $10-20 less than what BestBuy sells them for. Got home and was going to wait at first and see if Netgear would respond. Impatient woman that I am, I chucked out the Netgear router and hooked up the Linksys replacement. We’re back in business!!

Friday night I went to Cafe Q again. Three guys showed up this time. Will, Dexter and the poetry guy. I can never remember his name, but I know I mentioned him once before as a real live poet. Once again he read one of his poems and while he was reading – and I was tuned out – I realised why I tune him out. I have a difficult enough time with poetry on its own; I can’t handle having it read to me. I need to read the words myself and get whatever meaning I can from it on my own, not have someone read it to me and then tell me what he meant. That’s not the way poetry works. At least, though, I pretended to pay attention. Unlike Will, who kept swatting at flies with the rolled up newspaper. Can’t fault him too much, though, cos he was heavily medicated, having had all four of his wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. Poor guy. Earlier in the week he’d had surgery on both is big toes. :o(

Saturday morning I lounged around the house waiting for the contractor to come. We got word around mid-morning that they’d be at the house after lunch. Well, about 12.30 ish it starts raining which then turned into storms with lots of lightning and thunders. Good napping weather!! LOL Not much else happened Saturday because it was so dreary.

Yesterday morning, they finally showed up! An hour and a half late, but they were there. They sprayed texture on the ceiling, then left. And we spent the rest of the day cleaning walls, cabinets, the floor (mostly) and anything else that hadn’t been covered. My job was the floor and by the time I finished, I was aching.

So that was my exciting weekend. And now it’s a wonderfully dreary Monday morning.

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