The Best Things Come in Small Parcels… and 101 Things

For this one, I’m not quite sure where to begin. Do I tell you the 101 Thing About me? Number 29 if I recall correctly, or the best thing? I think the best thing should come first. Then the other, though they are somewhat linked.

I’m feeling rather out of sorts tonight. I know the reason why, but I’m not going to divulge details. Suffice it to say I’m a woman and there are things going on inside me. So I decided to do some of my errands I’d saved for tomorrow, tonight. One of those things was to stop at the post office and check my box. It’s not something I do regularly, daily I mean, unless I’m expecting something. Well I have been expecting something, but it’s taken a while to arrive. What I forgot, was that I was expecting two somethings. When I pulled open the door, I found two small parcels inside. The one I was expecting and the one I’d forgotten about. *blush* I tore open the forgotten one first since I knew what the other was.

The forgotten parcel was from my friend Jules. She sent me a key ring from her hometown since she learned I collect them like she does. Of course this is starting my collection over and I cannot think of a more perfect way to start my key ring collection again. The second thing to slide out of the envelope was a small book which made me laugh out loud.

Now here’s where the 101 Thing about me – #28 I remind you – comes in. I am a witch. A real, genuine, non-pointy-black-hat-wearing, non-broom-riding, witch. I learned of the Craft through my ex, but only delved deeply into it beginning last November when things fell apart between us. I won’t go into more detail, other than to say the second item in the envelope was ‘The Little Book of Pocket Spells’. It is a priceless gift. Both of these things are. Because they came from a treasured friend.

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  1. I’m glad I hit the nails on their heads!! And I’m happy to have made your night, babes! xoxo

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