Usefulness of MySpace

I joined MySpace a few months ago to help a good friend of mine fend off a stalker chick. While I didn’t delete the account once the stalker went away, I don’t really log in daily and seek new friends or anything. But today I finally found a usefulness for my MySpace account! *grins*

The guy who won the first season of Last Comic Standing, Dat Phan, has been in town for most of this week performing. I heard him briefly this morning on the radio station I listen to occasionally and it triggered my memory of seeing him. I thought he was funny. After running my errands, I got home and logged on to his website. There’s a video of his finale performance on LCS and in that bit, he talks about how obsessed he is with MySpace. hmmm…. So I look at his MySpace thingy and add him as a friend. Then I decided to send him a message and tell a little white lie. I told him I’d heard him on the radio and had forgotten he was in town and was sorry I wouldn’t be able to see him because of the sold out show. Of course I had no idea if the show was sold out or not. I also said that I hoped he had enjoyed his time in the city.

Well… shortly thereafter, he responded and said I could get free tickets, if I called his manager and told him how many. I searched high and low for someone to go with me. A search which didn’t take long because I have no friends, and wound up going alone like the loser I am. *sigh* But I enjoyed it a lot. After the show I bought a CD and he signed it for me and even remembered me from MySpace!!! How cool is that?

So I guess it wasn’t a total bomb of an evening. Just wish I knew where to find other friends besides the ones thousands of miles from me.

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  1. I wish I had some suggestions for you, sweetie, but I’m soo glad you decided to go and had a great time!

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