Stuck in the Middle and Weekend Recap

The thing I hate most about being an administrative assistant for such a small company is that I do everything except the architect stuff. Which means I answer the phones. And consequently get stuck in the middle when one of my fellow employees phones and says he’s going to be late (or not come in at all) like he did this morning. Since I’ve bestowed such loving character names on my bosses, I think I shall call this guy Big Daddy cos he’s got two little ones at home. So Big D calls this morning and asks to speak to Thing 1. Only T1 isn’t interested in talking to Big D. I should also point out that T1 does the loudest bitching whenever Big D calls in. I return to Big D’s call and inform him that T1 asked me to take a message. Big D told me he caught one of his son’s stomach viruses and will be in later if he can keep anything down. Okay, fine by me cos I surely don’t want to be anywhere near someone who’s got stomach issues. Well I haven’t exactly told T1 and T2 yet as they’re still in their little “meeting” and also because I just always feel like I’m caught in the middle whenever I do inform them of something like this and I don’t like it.

Okay onward to the Weekend Recap. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Trust me, it wasn’t that exciting. I don’t work on Fridays so I always have a nice long three day weekend. Well… usually, but I’ll explain that better another time.

Friday I went shopping for my Dad’s Father’s Day/birthday gift. He’s such a pain to buy for, so I decided to get him a few tomato plants so he can revive his little veggie garden. It’s ironic how I can use a little thought and imagination to come up with a gift idea for him without asking what he wants, yet my mother can’t. She has to ask him.

I also sent out a parcel to Jules cos her birthday is the 22nd. I’d tell you what I sent, but she reads my blog and I don’t want her to know.

Friday night I went out to a cafe which is supposed to be a meeting place for the local LGBT community, but as usual only it was only Dexter and I. I really wish I knew how to make our group grow. It’s meant to be a social group, just for everyone to come and hang out for an hour or two and make new friends. We advertise and people take the cards we have out, but then they don’t show. Any suggestions?

Saturday was spent cleaning. And stirring up dust. And aggrivating my allergies. Joy. I did manage to rent two DVDs that I’d tried on Friday night to get, but they were out. They were The Fountain and Happily N’Ever After. Talk about a contrast, eh? I watched Happily N’Ever After Saturday night and it was cute, but not one I’d have spent the money to see at the cinema. The Fountain, on the other hand, is a very deep, sometimes confusing, story about life, death and rebirth. I enjoyed it, but I’d definitely need to watch it again to get a complete understanding, I think.

Sunday was the laziest day of all. I watched The Fountain in the morning and did nothing the rest of the day. Around 5:30, though, I went for a bike ride with my dad. An effort to get in some sort of better shape than round.

And here I am today. Feeling less than stellar. Hope your Monday is zipping along well. :o)

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2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle and Weekend Recap

  1. Hey, surely someone has told you…round is a shape too!
    And as for asking folk what they want as a puts the onus on them to think of something …and not to be too outrageous in your suggestions, and it means they don’t know you THAT well if they have to ask.

  2. Hey, what did you get that Jules chick for her birthday?

    My Monday was good, but so far my Tuesday has sucked major ass.

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