101 Things About Me, Part 26

I hate reality television.

It’s true that I hate crap like Survivor and Big Brother and those programmes where some rich guy picks a woman to marry within just a short amount of time. It’s all just LAME. But… how does one classify something like The Last Comic Standing? Or Dancing with the Stars? Last summer I enjoyed Treasure Hunters because it involved a lot of history.

While typing this, I popped over to Wikipedia to find out exactly what defines reality television. At first I was going to share all 13 sub-categories of reality television, but then I realised it would take away from what this post is about, which is me. But I noticed that out of the 13 sub-categories, there’s only one that I like. All of the programmes I mentioned that I do like are part of this sub-category:

Another type of reality TV is “reality-competition”, or so-called “reality game shows“, in which participants are filmed competing to win a prize, often while living together in a confined environment. Participants are removed until only one person or team remains, who/which is then declared the winner. Usually this is done by eliminating participants one at a time, in balloon debate style, through either disapproval voting or by voting for the most popular choice to win; voting is done by either the viewing audience or by the show’s own participants.

So if I like only one sub-category out of 13, can I still rightfully say that I hate reality television?

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4 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 26

  1. You lost me at “I hate reality TV”. Cuz I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reality TV!!! Not that I have time to watch them all but I do LOVE them. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the informative phone call, doll! You opened my eyes! So there’s only 2 categories that I like then!

  3. Most of the shows are just embarassing or degrading.

    I don’t mind Amazing Race though.

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