The Further Adventures of Thing 1 and Thing 2

Couldn’t resist documenting this priceless exchange…

Thing 2 (to me): Let’s order four surge protectors.
Thing 1: Right, since we only need two, let’s order four. Let’s order rubber bands while we’re at it. What do you think? Should a thousand do?
Thing 2: We just ordered some last week.
Thing 1: I think we should order a thousand rubber bands as well.
Thing 2: I’m just saying… I need an extra one for the machine back there.
Thing 1: The big copier from XYZ?
Thing 2: Yeah, that.
(Thing 1 walks away to the back work area.)
Thing 2 (as he’s walking back to his office): You see, Sinclair, if we’d have ordered four last time, we wouldn’t be going through this. You see what I have to go through all the time? I tell you what, from now on we’ll order one pencil at a time. When you need a pencil, call the supplier and order one. Okay?

Sure, Thing 2, whatever you say.

They make me laugh.

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5 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Thing 1 and Thing 2

  1. Just order one of EVERYTHING in the supply catalog. That’ll insure a spare for anything. 😉

  2. lol.

    It’s kind of hard to determine who’s right in that situation… Inventory issues are the plague of most businesses.

    Do we order more than we need, so that we’re not in the lurch when we need more? Or do we only order what we need right now because we might never need more, and we’re not out money that we might not ever need to spend?


  3. Or bring your own in…and charge them for the use of the pencil as well as apying you to work for them. Let’s hope they never get ownership of a brewery…and decdie to have a wild party…they’d get that wrong too, by the sounds of things.

  4. Doc – that would be funny! lol

    Tess – My general rule of thumb has been to keep on hand extras of whatever we use most. Since that happens to be paper, I try to keep at least one spare case around. The rest I just order a bit at a time. But we do have an abundance of huge rubber bands we’ll never use.

    Ermie – A brewery would be run in the ground in a month the way Thing 1 and his wife drink. Last Xmas at our dinner, they were the only two who got drunk.

  5. ROTF! So have you had to order one pencil? Make up a fake invoice detailing your order of a single pencil and put it on Thing 2’s desk.

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