The Infinite Wisdom of Thing 2

I cannot fathom why Thing 2 came to discuss this topic with me of all people, but he did. And the conversation went something like this…

Thing 2 (walking up to my desk): When we had this office designed, we had a urinal installed in the bathrom as well as a toilet, because it’s meant to be a unisex bathroom. Apparently the urinal isn’t being used. I try to clean it up as best I can when I get a chance, but…

Me: Well don’t look at me because I can’t use it!

Thing 2: No, I know.

Me: Um… is there a problem with flushing the urinal?

Thing 2: I don’t know…. (and he wanders off).

Me: I’ve tried to figure it out myself, but I thought it was beyond the understanding of…. (I wanted to say my sex, but as he was wandering back down the hall I didn’t want to say it loudly.)

He simply shrugged in response. But he is essentially right. Every time I go into the bathroom, the toilet seat is up. And these guys here (there are only me and another female working here with five males) aren’t exactly the cleanest in the world….

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4 thoughts on “The Infinite Wisdom of Thing 2

  1. LOL!!! Is that his way of trying to make conversation?! Yeah, approach a woman about a urinal. See how far that goes. HA!

  2. that is hilarious. where are these men’s mothers! ? my mom wouldn’t stand for it growing up. ewwwwwwww

  3. At least you can blame the condition of the restroom on the opposite sex… I don’t have that luxury where I work.

    Who knew women could be such pigs *sigh*

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