101 Things About Me, Part 23

When I originally wrote out my list of things to share about me, the entry chosen for today simply read ‘I like to read about abandoned places and highways.’

But it’s more than that. I am attracted to the everyman sort of history exuding from these places. Most of the history we learn in school is about how countries have related to one another throughout history. If you think about it, we’re only taught about major milestones in the history of mankind. About our explorations of unknown lands. About the battles and wars fought for a multitude of reasons. All of it seeming to be so lofty… so above the common man, even though the common man was the explorer being brave enough to set foot in unknown lands to see what’s there. And he was the one most often fighting the battles.

But being able to look at a building no longer in use, yet was once used by the general public, kind of maps out in greater detail how we evolve as we make our history daily. It takes history out of the classroom and out of the boring texts into something tangible. Something we can look at and actively wonder at the people who used the building every day. Whether it was a school and the children taught within its walls, a hospital where people were either healed or passed on, or just an office building where work was just a bustle of bodies coming and going throughout the day.

So, too, can maps of an area be examined to see where certain streets and highways have been rerouted in favour of shorter accessways or in favour of the superhighway.

I could sit for hours and think about the roles of these abandoned buildings and highways.

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One thought on “101 Things About Me, Part 23

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever given abandonded highways a second thought…. although, this post made me think for a little while about it, so then I suppose I have given it a thought.

    *bites nails* Sheeeesh, I’m all confused now!

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