Being Delicious, 101 Things and a Band

Never before have I been told that I’m delicious, until now. I’ve been told twice this weekend. Friday night after I got home from being out, I signed online and found this message waiting for me:

J: you, my friend, are just delicious! I just wanted to tell you that! How was your night?

And then again yesterday…

J: if you ever want to go into more detail on that, I’ll be here to listen to you. Of course, you know that already. I love you!!!
me: *blushes*
J: what made you blush? I do, you know! You’re delicious, remember?

It’s interesting to be told you’re delicious by a friend. LOL

So the 101 Thing About Me for today is:

I am very hard on myself when I screw up. This applies to any aspect of my life. Be it something I do wrong at work, or even in a friendship. If I inadvertently do something to make a friend cross, I mentally flog myself and pretty much do anything to repair the situation.

… and the Band…

My friend Jean’s son is in a UK band called Silence Broken. They play rock music. If you like rock, take a listen to their music on their MySpace site.

oh yeah… and my friend just made me Princess of Phucking Everything…. cos she’s the Queen of Phucking Everything…. been crowned and knighted and all…. LOL


2 thoughts on “Being Delicious, 101 Things and a Band

  1. And I have two lads who have been knighted…sir Oliver, and Sir Edwin…and Samantha was knighted as well..does that make her Sir Samantha?
    Tiz ok…whacky English library quest was how they become knighted….with a real sword…and do you have any idea how heavy chain mail is?

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