Another snippet to share

This had me laughing my ass off so I had to share. A snippet of conversation between me and Jules.

Jules says: GAWD!! I feel like I’m so BORING compared to you!
Sin says: please I’m not exciting
Sin says: I’m just me
Sin says: lil ol’ me
Sin says: just a little… mental
Jules says: thank you for correcting that…
Jules says: the “just me” part, I mean. I get along well with other mental people… people like myself.
Sin says: lol
Sin says: yes I think that’s why we’ve hit it off so well
Jules says: LOL! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that one! I guess as long as we both agree that we’re both mental it will always be good, and fun, and happy, and … …. …. what the hell were we talking about? Sheeesh!
Sin says: lol
Sin says: it’s okay
Sin says: *pets your head*
Sin says: really, it’s okay
Jules says: LOL!!!!
Jules says: frig, Sin, you crack me up
Sin says: it just goes from my head to my fingertips… sometimes to my mouth, but half the time I don’t even think about it
Sin says: just comes out
Sin says: like an unexpected barf
Jules says: stop!!!
Sin says: stop what
Jules says: you’re killing me! I’m gonna pee my pants.
Sin says: *giggles*
Sin says: I can’t stop laughing

Needless to say, it took me a while to calm down…


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  1. It might not be British humor but frig was that funny!!! Thanks for making me part of your day!

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