I normally avoid talking politics because it only makes me cross. The way I see it right now – with the current administration – things are going downhill fast. It’s not just the whole fiasco in the Middle East, though everything unfolding over there is a large part of it. I don’t think we should’ve started this war in the first place, but now that we’ve mucked everything up, we have a responsibility to set things right. However, this does not mean sending more troops. I stem this opinion on two things.

First, the presence of soldiers from Black Water USA are undermining the morale of the guys we have over there. Every soldier over there is risking his or her life for us, but why should the guys getting paid less go to greater lengths to risk their life? If they die in action, their families are left with what? If you expect men who volunteer their lives to do this for the country, they should all be paid the same. What makes the soldiers working for Black Water USA better than the soldiers working for the US government? If they’re better, then let them fight the war. Bring all of the underpaid soldiers home.

Okay, so maybe the first scenario isn’t realistic, but it is unfair. How would you feel knowing that someone sitting in the cube next to you doing the exact same thing you do day in and day out was getting paid twice as much as you? Would you still work just as hard? Would you complain? Would you simply quit?

Second, the soldiers we’ve already sent over who are coming home injured are not being properly cared for by our government. If our government directs the military where to go and what to do, then they should also be responsible for their care upon returning home. But they aren’t. The two areas of the government responsible for the health and welfare of the military – the Office of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Justice – can’t even agree on what classifies a soldier as being totally disabled!!! I’m not going to go into the details here on my blog, but I listen to NPR and heard a very enlightening story last week on exactly how these soldiers are being treated upon return to US soil. Why does Mr Bush want to keep sending soldiers to the Middle East when they will only be killed by the fanatics or will come home disabled to a country which isn’t even offering them proper healthcare and benefits? Again, this goes back to the first point I made regarding everyone being treated fairly.

Having stated my beliefs regarding troop deployment, I disagree with setting a time table of a specific date for troop withdrawal. But not for the same reason as Mr Bush. I don’t think there should be a specific date chosen for the simple fact that no one in Washington DC can keep their mouths shut! It’s not only the members of Congress who’d have to keep their mouths shut, but also each Congress member’s entire staff. We’re talking a few hundred, if not close to 1,000 people. You cannot tell me the likes of CNN or Fox News wouldn’t try to pay off someone in any of those offices to get the information. Spreading the word about when we’re leaving the Middle East is like waving a red cape in front of a bull. You’re inviting it to charge!

I will support Senator Barak Obama for President next year. I think he’s the newness this country needs to help this country regain its respect from the world.


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  1. Check out http://www.democracynow.org There is a link on the webiste which lets you listen or watch daily broadcasts on line. May or may not interest you but, covers news pertaining to the USA from a “non-corporate news” perspective. In March, they interviewed a journalist, Jeremy Scahill who wrote a book called “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”. Very interesting.

    Here is the thing about politics – it is about life and we have to stay engaged and critical (as you were in this piece) even if we get PISSED OFF. The comments people like you and I and so many other ordinary people make about the state of the world (for example, the soldiers and people of Iraq whose lives are being devastated and the bastard politicians who have created this mess) are valuable. They keep us in touch with our own humanity in a world where humanity seems in short supply; they allow us to exercise our responsibility to not stay silent in the face of injustice and horror and they let governments and corporations know that we will not stand for their greed, lies, violence, and exploitation.

    The power of dissent in whatever form it takes, is that it has the potential to create positive change or at the very least it keeps the hope for positive change alive…and we could use a little hope wouldn’t you say?

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