101 Things About Me, Part 18

Thanks to my dear friend M for choosing today’s fun fact about me.

I know – from first hand experience – that a vending machine will take a photocopied dollar bill.

In the late 90s I was doing temp work at a law firm – yes a law firm and one day a co-worker and I were talking about this very subject. Well, counterfeiting. And she told me a Coke machine, or any vending machine, would take a photo copied dollar bill. I didn’t believe her, of course, so we copied one and cut out the image. She slipped it into the Coke machine and voila! I was stunned.

4 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 18

  1. Now Sinclair, I wish I had discovered this fantastic fact and your wonderful blog before I left the USA. I would have raided the vending machines of every BANK I temped in and sold my booty on Ebay. Damn the British, they use coins.

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