Driving Lessons: Courtesy

If you suffer from PMS, you should not be allowed to drive. If you are cranky for any reason, you should not be allowed to drive. And if you think women are the only people who fit into those two categories, think again.

I’m sure any of you are familiar with how the highway system is regarding exits from the roadway. More often than not, there is a bridge crossing over the highway that accompanies the exit. This morning, I was driving up onto one of the many bridges that crosses over the I-10, and was about to move over into the outside lane to circle around so I could merge into the traffic headed east. Right at the same time I arrived on the bridge, another car was to my left, having just exited the interstate and circled around to head south on the road that I was on. When we were side-by-side, he starts honking at me. I sped up to pull in front of him and he zips over behind me, still honking and as I look in my rearview mirror, he flips me off!! So I pull into the lane he’d just vacated and he speeds by, still honking and flips me off yet again.

Dude with the PMS. Go beat off or something. You need it. Bad.