101 Things About Me, Part 13

I am a dog person.

I was going to say, I’m a dog lover, but in this day and age, idiots passing through will assume I mean something entirely inappropriate. But yes, I love dogs. I worked for two years at PetSmart and enjoyed seeing the wide variety of dogs people own. I would have to say the most beautiful, by far, was the white German Shepherd that visited regularly. Gorgeous white coat and amazing blue eyes. I remember when the owner came in the first time, the puppy was poking its head out of her bag. I am also not afraid of Rottweilers or pit bulls or any of the other similarly aggressive breeds. I’m intelligent enough to realise that it’s the owners who are at fault in instances where a dog is attacking. A dog views its owner as the leader of the pack and will do whatever the pack leader wants. Hence, an owner who wants the dog to be aggressive will have just that.

I like other animals as well, but dogs top my list.

4 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 13

  1. Me too… Me and my 95 lb black Lab-mix arebest friends. He’s a good listener and I swear, sometimes I think he understands what I’m saying…

  2. having just cats, but used to have a dog or 2 in my life, i can relate to this. they seem to understand, and when they look at you with those eyes, it is as if they understand what you feel in your heart. animals are better than most people i think…
    the down East’ener….

  3. Of course he understands what you’re saying Secret. He just lacks the ability to let you know. ;o)

  4. Hey I worked at PetSmart too 🙂 I loved it. My favorite “visitor” was a Harlequin (sp?) Great Dane. So beautiful!!!

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