Driving Lessons: Blinkers

Blinkers. Turning indicators. Whatever you call them. They are meant to be used to let other drivers know your intentions.

While this may seem like a simple concept to understand, I find myself encountering people many times a day who don’t get it.

At lunch today I went to Quizno’s which is across a six lane roadway right near the office. I was sat at the corner waiting to go across while a stupid woman in a gigantic tank of a pick up truck was at the median waiting as well. There was a huge gap in traffic and I patiently waited for her to make the first move because she’d been there first. She didn’t move and the gap was quickly gone. Then she decided to turn her blinker on so I’d know she intended to turn. Well thank you very much! The street in question is always difficult to cross on any given day and she made the wait twice as long because I could’ve darted across had she actually used her bloody indicator to let me know her intentions!!

Stupid woman.

2 thoughts on “Driving Lessons: Blinkers

  1. Ummm, makes me think more about getting my signal light fixed. I used to be a die hard signal light user, until mine kindof broke a bit and now you have to hold it down and in in order for it to signal!! But I think I’ll go get it fixed soon. Thanks Sin!

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