101 Things About Me, Part 11

I am not a morning person.

In fact, I own a t-shirt that has written across it: I’m out of bed and dressed… what more do you want?

I’ve managed to resign myself to having to wake at 6 am every morning for work, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I manage to be civilised now and again when someone who is a morning person speaks to me, but I cannot and do not guaranty civility. I am a night person.

3 thoughts on “101 Things About Me, Part 11

  1. Been there, tried that. My first job right out of college was working for Office Depot. I worked at the local distribution centre. At first I worked days, but then they started downsizing. Since I was the most senior of the group they were downsizing, I was given the opportunity to switch to the night shift where orders were filled. I quickly learned that while I do like staying up at night, I also like to be able to go to bed when I’m ready. And I also just didn’t like the job. I hated having to ask to use the toilet, etc. Felt like I was in elementary school all over again.


  2. Try having a child who won’t sleep in past 6 or 6:30. Almost a year and a half and I’m STILL not used to that! I miss sleeping.

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