101 Things About Me, Part 10

I enjoy classical music.

And oddly enough it helps me sleep some nights when I am restless. I put my stereo on low and light an incense stick and it helps a lot. I used to have a CD called Extreme Classics which featured a lot of powerful music. Like the 1812 Overture and others of a similar vein. I also learned a lot about classical music while watching cartoons. [No snarky comments about watching cartoons please] One of my favourite pieces is the Barber of Seville from the opera The Marriage of Figaro. The Blue Danube is also a pretty famous piece that was used in a Warner Brothers cartoon. And yes, I do love Disney’s Fantasia, though not so much the second one. I also have a CD of cartoon classical music…. somewhere.


One thought on “101 Things About Me, Part 10

  1. I think having an eclectic attitude about music is important. I used to end my music classes (when I remembered) with a piece of clasical music to calm the kids (and staff) down. We got pretty riled up sometimes and we needed grounding before going home!

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