101 Things About Me, Part 8

I have sensitive ears.

Not the outside, the inside. I cannot go to to fireworks displays without something plugged into my ears.

A month or so ago I was going nuts here at work because I could hear the phones in the office in front of ours here in this building and I thought our phones were ringing. The door connecting our offices is a good 100 yards from my desk, not to mention that I have no idea where their nearest phone is once you access the office. I have been in there only once.

If I put away clean dishes at someone’s house and they have heavy China, I have to place the plates on top of one another very gently or it hurts my ears.

One thought on “101 Things About Me, Part 8

  1. The wind really bothers mine. And when we all get together with Chris’ family, the noise level is far too much for me to bare. I always take tylenol before going there now because I can’t tolerate the noise.

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