101 Things About Me, Part 4

I hate spiders.

They are unnatural. We get along fine with two legs – most other animals get along fine with four. Why do spiders need EIGHT?

Visited a friend last year and a big honkin’ spider appeared one evening in the kitchen. Without hesitation, I moved immediately to the stairs where the cat was snoozing and scooped him up and sent him after said spider. He batted it around til it curled up in the throes of death, then sat staring at it.

Cats are useful critters.

One thought on “101 Things About Me, Part 4

  1. I am arachnophobic too. But strangely not to daddy long legs. They’re just too clumsy looking and move slow enough. Remind me someday to email you the picture I took of the scariest spider I’ve ever seen in my yard. I’m surprised I had it together enough to snap one. Creepy, no good for nothing bugs!!! *shiver*

    We’re “hate spiders twinsies”!!! :O)

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