101 Things About Me, Part 1

Okay in my blog wanderings, I have noticed many people with these lists of 100 things about themselves that they share with others. I thought I’d give it a go, adding one more than the others.

However, I’m not going to do it all at once. For two reasons: 1. it guarantees me at least 100 more posts to entertain you with and 2. it won’t tax my brain to come up with all 101 at once.

So… here’s number 1:

I have a degree in English.

Which means I am supposed to have a better than average grasp of grammar. But admittedly I don’t always. Take yesterday for example. I typed a letter here at work for one of the architects I work for and missed that he’d written (yes I said written… he doesn’t trust technology much at all… in fact he doesn’t even trust Excel to add figures properly… anyway…) affect when it should’ve been effect. This prompted a bit of a conversation between my best friend and I regarding words that are easily confused. Aside from affect/effect, we decided that than/then can be confusing as well as its/it’s. I know there are loads more, but those are the ones that catch us up most often.

For the record, affect means “to cause a change in something” while effect “the result”.

One thought on “101 Things About Me, Part 1

  1. Stupid English language with its words that are spelled the same (or very similarly) that mean totally different things… =P

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